Torner Conservation specializes in the examination, stabilization, and treatment of bound materials and paper items including, but not limited to, rare, historical, and contemporary documents, books, notebooks, or diaries, manuscripts, photo albums, maps, newspapers, and works of art on paper, for example, watercolors and prints, among others. Our services are divided into three large groups:


Surveys and Research

Getting a thorough knowledge of the object, and the aspects that surround it, is the first step for its preservation. This information leads to a full understanding of its currentmaterial condition.

The services offered are:

  • Individual & collection surveys.

  • Pre-treatment examinations.

  • Written material condition reports and treatment proposals.

  • Research and identification of techniques and materials.

Preventive conservation

Preventive conservation can be defined as a set of actions taken to adjust the object’s surroundings. These adjustments aim to extend the object’s life to the future.

The preventive conservation services are:

  • Answering general questions about manipulation, storage or exhibition of your items.

  • Mounting objects for exhibition.

  • Consulting about environmental conditions (e.g. Relative humidity, temperature, light exposure), risks assessment, storage furniture, and preservation housing.

  • Housing and construction of sealed packages, customized archival cases, and boxes.

  • Evaluating of infested collections ~Mold, insects, etc.~



Treatment is carefully chosen according to a code of ethics considering materials, historic context, originality and functionality, the latter being of special importance in the case of bound materials. Each object is unique and so should be the treatment proposed for it.

A pre-treatment examination is necessary to assemble an individual treatment plan. The range of treatment can go from minimal cosmetic work to very invasive structural stabilization.

The services are:

  • Treatment of single works.
  • Stabilization of extensive collections.
  • Bookbinding.

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