Dr. Franklin, Citizen Scientist

In March of 2020, weeks before the pandemic hit, 33 flat objects on paper were mounted and framed for the exhibition: Dr. Franklin, Citizen Scientist, in the American Philosophical Society in the city of Philadelphia. The objects are a variety of written documents and prints from the 18th Century; most of them, handwritten by Franklin, his family and friends.  

The pictures are a sample of the documents: The first ones show the mounting of a letter from George Washington to Benjamin Franklin, written in 1789. The following are tickets to medical lectures in Philadelphia printed on the back of playing cards and the last pictures show the mounting of a hand-colored engraving from 1777: A flower named after Franklin: Franklinia Alamaha. These valuable objects were mounted as un-invasively as possible, using only archival quality materials. The time that a paper object exists is highly related with the way it is housed and presented, either for exhibition or storage.